The interactive
patient case tool

MedUniverse offers you a subscription based software as a service for creating, storing and analysing your up-to-date interactive patient cases. You get a secure, personal customer log in to your separate user environment.

  • Create and store an unlimited number of patient cases in your MedUniverse admin portal.
  • Build your patient cases with various case steps, using texts, questions, images, and video.
  • Add medical feedback and references.
  • Use your patient cases to engage and inform HCPs and other clients via unique encrypted links in all your approved channels on any platform, for example in clinic meetings, educational sessions, e-newsletters and on HCP portals.
  • Collect and analyse aggregated data on how your clients reason through the patient journey. Filter data on segmentation variables, compare answers and identify needs and knowledge gaps. No personal respondent data is saved. 

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