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Better clinical practice through shared knowledge 

MedUniverse is a tailor made patient case software for the life science industry. You can easily create interactive and visually compelling patient case studies in order to inform, educate and gain insights from your clients, typically specialist doctors and other HCPs. Your clients will in an engaging manner update their knowledge and at the same time take part of aggregated results from peers. In the long run, well-informed decisions improve patient outcome. 

Software as a Service

Subscribe to the software as a service, developed with the latest cloud based technology. Create and store an unlimited number of cases. 

Insights over time

Distribute the cases to your clients in your preferred, approved channels for up-to-date product information and education. Analyze data and implement insights into practice.

Multi-channel usage

Engage your target audience anywhere, at any time and in any device. The software is optimised for digital activities as well as for IRL sales and training sessions.

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